Brother Andrew Bondo walked into my life during a meeting at a church my family and I were attending at the time here in Canon City, Colorado. He was the pastor of a "sister" church in Liberia, Africa.  He stood next to a bulletin board that had pictures on it and shared about the civil war his country had been through.  Andrew begged for donations to be sent to his church and family... these were donations like towels, blankets, sheets, clothes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc., etc.Oh yeah; and a chain saw! :)   Things we may be "throwing away" would be a treasure to them while they recover from the devastation of war.   I was amazed at the booming voice this African man had (as he was not very tall!)  He and I talked for quite a while after church and we exchanged email addresses.  I committed to him that I would pray for his family and church, and  would gather as much as we could to send back to Liberia.  Periodically through out the next year or so, we would email one another, and any time God brought Andrew's family to mind; I would pray for them!
I am often asked how I, a white, middle-class American woman, ever got driven to support an African family, co-write a children's book with an African woman and begin the process of purchasing land to begin building a permanent location for a school (named in my honor by my African family)  in Liberia.  I guess the best way to explain it is to go back to how it all began.

One rare day (I don't remember they year, but possibly 1999 or 2000)   that I had time to sit down and watch daytime television, I was flipping channels and stopped at The Oprah Winfrey Show.  I have to admit, I never really watched her show; but on that day I was drawn to it as her guest was a white, middle-class American woman who was sharing her story of supporting an African woman. I honestly cannot remember how it came about that their lives connected, but they had never met in person to that point.  Then suddenly Oprah pulled the element of surprise and out walked the African woman.  Both women fell in each others arms and cried and the rest of the show was their story.  I sat there for some time thinking "Lord, I want an African woman who's life I can change. I want to make a difference in one persons life somewhere in Africa. But how in the world would that ever happen......". I let it go and went back to my busy life and time distanced the show, but not my heart.   THEN....... I met Andrew.........