Returning from Africa in 2006 really set my heart in motion.  I just fell in love more deeply with my Liberian family; with the church people of Nigeria; and with the journey God was leading me on that was somehow connected to Africa. 
One of the greatest lessons I have learned from our trip there and our time spent with the Bondo family and other African Christians is when you physically have nothing; prayer is everything!  If they tell me they will pray for me, they are very serious about it and do it because that is all they can give!  They are so faithful in praying for the simplest of things, but with the size of faith that moves mountains.  They REJOICE in the days they have dirty dishes, for that means there was food to eat that day!  They just KNOW that God will answer their prayers for their daily needs. They live in a country that has very little, yet has a wealth of faith!  WHAT A GIFT!

I live in a country that is wealthy in every area one could think of, but lacks faith.  We can go to the store and take hours shopping while we try to "choose" the perfect item for ourselves.  Then we haul it home and pack it into our already over filled spaces.  If the store does not have what we want;  we complain, throw fits and yell at any associate we can get our hands on.  We gripe about dirty dishes, dirty clothes, dirty cars, or paying for repairs for everything that breaks; yet we forget to REJOICE in the fact that we have those things!  Don't get me wrong.......I LOVE this country of America!  Though we are quickly heading in the wrong direction, because we have fallen victim to complacency and self righteousness, we are still the greatest nation in the world.   But.........for myself..... I know I am an America for a specific reason, and it has nothing to do with serving myself or looking out for #1. I am American so I can help my Africans, and this fact challenges me to move forward as it is covered with FAITH.......................a faith that motions my heart to step into the unknown and to trust it's Creator completely,   Heb 11:1 "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen."
I soon realized that God's mission for this African family and my family were intertwined. He had great plans to allow us the privilege of supporting them; help pay for school so the kids could get an education; and get on board with their vision of launching churches and a school in Nigeria and in Liberia.  At times we were (and still are)  stretched financially beyond human understanding and so many times we have experienced "loaves and fishes" moments.  How God has supported our families; only He knows! 
In 2006 I felt called to visit this family and so my reluctant, but supporting husband and I headed to unknown (and not so safe) Lagos, Nigeria.  We finally met our whole African family, the church people, and many, MANY school children!  We handed out 1000 little gifts that we had brought.  We had to laugh when the kids would introduce us as Uncle Eric and Aunty Debi and their classmates would stare, and then ask how in the world that was possible!  One day at church, when I spoke, I stood next to Andrew and told everyone "We are brother and sister! Can't you see the resemblance? We both have the same Father!" (and I would point heavenward).   They would all laugh!  

"Girls only!"

"Boys only!"