I soon realized that God's mission for this African family and my family were intertwined. He had great plans to allow us the privilege of supporting them; help pay for school so the kids could get an education; and get on board with their vision of launching churches and a school in Nigeria and in Liberia.  At times we were (and still are)  stretched financially beyond human understanding and so many times we have experienced "loaves and fishes" moments.  How God has supported our families; only He knows! 
In 2006 I felt called to visit this family and so my reluctant, but supporting husband and I headed to unknown (and not so safe) Lagos, Nigeria.  We finally met our whole African family, the church people, and many, MANY school children!  We handed out 1000 little gifts that we had brought.  We had to laugh when the kids would introduce us as Uncle Eric and Aunty Debi and their classmates would stare, and then ask how in the world that was possible!  One day at church, when I spoke, I stood next to Andrew and told everyone "We are brother and sister! Can't you see the resemblance? We both have the same Father!" (and I would point heavenward).   They would all laugh!  

"Girls only!"

"Boys only!"



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Nice post love to see those pictures :)

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