It has been about 1 1/2 years since I last blogged.  What a shame!!  Life (for everyone) seems to catch a person and pull them into distractions.  Seasons come and go.  People come and go.  Life comes and goes. 
Just a quick note before I continue this memo.  Dec 2013 my sweet mama went to be with the Lord; no longer having to battle the disease that robbed her memory and took her from us in a slow motion downhill battle.  She is free!  I miss her terribly, but I KNOW I will see her again!

In January of 2014 we finally, FINALLY (did I say FINALLY) got to put our feet on Liberian soil!  When we got off of the plane, I knew I was home!!!  We were welcomed with open arms and met some amazing people!  We walked the property where the future site of the school will be (How honored I was to see what they want to name it). We visited the primary school and handed out A Girl Like Me books that people sponsored to all of the children, and we stuck our feet in the Atlantic Ocean and walked the beaches of Monrovia. :)  We also did a ground breaking ceremony, were interviewed for a news paper, had a meeting with the Liberian Vice President, were on a radio show talking about modesty for young women, and I gave the message at a local church on a Sunday morning.  WHEW!!!! 
My heart was and is still full, full, full! 

We truly wanted to go back with a team this January 2015, but the Ebola outbreak has placed things on hold.  We daily pray for healing over the people and in God's timing to return! 



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05/24/2017 8:11am

I am deeply sorry for your loss. But I am sure that she is in the better place now.

06/09/2017 9:19am

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