My mind is always on the move, trying to think of ways that we can raise money to help in the School Building Project, and how to raise money to help children in Africa pay for school expenses. I love to save money and I learned at a very young age how to be very frugal from my mother. She could literally stretch a dime further than anyone I have ever met!  I do pretty well, however........I think, at times, that I am more wasteful than even I realize. 

Lately I have been looking at all that I have,  and I keep going back to the thoughts of how to raise that money needed for Africa from things I already have.  One of those things were the large amount of CDs I still have that we recorded back in 1999.  I literally cannot STAND the picture I used (what what I thinking with that hair?!), but the CD itself is fine, so I have updated the photo and am selling these to raise income for the school building project. :)   Old things made new again are goooood! 
The next project will be with a jewelry line I am working on.  It will be for sale on my website and in local stores soon.  Pearls of Promise Jewelry will carry a variety of items, (all made with a pearl on it) and some items made in Africa.  These items are purchased from families trying to raise money for their child's school or uniform fees. 
Oh man!! Then things start moving, you better get your running shoes on!!



05/15/2015 9:16pm

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03/23/2016 9:03am

This is a great service by you. having a thought of helping people of Africa and building schools for the children of African countries.This show that how much you are determined to raise money for people of Africa and for school building. Selling out of your stuff for sake of those people is really a good thing.


Well you have set the perfect title for your topic and your story is inspirational for us and it taught us that we should move forward to help the needy peoples so that they may also avail the available facilities.

05/23/2016 11:19pm

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11/02/2016 5:46am

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06/23/2017 1:29am

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06/23/2017 1:34am

Well, we are always read about the Aga Khan Development Network’s(AKDN) this organization alots of work in africa such kind organization also should work and help those people in africa thye dont effort theri exepence and help in education expence this is not need you help them suhc kind big thing like scholls, or develop bulding no you just take resopnsibalities some families for educaton exepence they pretty good.

07/12/2017 2:01am

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